Tropical Bouquet | papercut ketubah for a bohemian wedding

December 1, 2018

As winter is settling in and the year is drawing to a close, I'm looking back on commissions from this year that speak of warmer weather. None do so quite like this one, which just about shouts 'summer' to me.

Amelia commissioned me to create a papercut ketubah for her and Harrison that reflects their theme of a tropical beach wedding. They specifically wanted lots of flowers, and as they were getting married in Key West, Florida, I piled on the flora! Garden Roses, Anthurium, Ranunculus, Vanda Orchids, Peonies, Sophronitis, Hibiscus, Morning Glory, and Monstera Leaves, all play a part in their wedding decoration from the invitation set to the bride's bouquet, so I had a lot to draw from. The color palette was soft blush and light gold, like sunset.

To be honest, I didn't think I'd post about this commission. The clients were lovely and the design process went smoothly so I have plenty of photos but little to write about. I have no anecdotes to share other than that both the bride and I were tickled about the idea of including flamingos. There are three of them nestled in the design, if you can spot them: one for the bride, one for the groom, and one for good luck:)
18X18 inches | Blush & Light Gold
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