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November 16, 2018

From the start Elana & Gregg knew they wanted a multi-layered design in their wedding colors of greens, blues and golds, in an off-center layout. They were looking for something with trees and the ocean. After discussing the design they wanted I knew that I'll be using more than my usual 2 papercut layers to deliver a magnificent ketubah. Six (6!) layers in total make up this 16X22 inches papercut that depicts a scenic beach view of their much-loved Torrey Pines Park spot.

We started with a beach scene at sunset, but the design also features myriad of other elements big and small that symbolize different aspects of their life. For example, the lighthouse where they met, My Beloved verse, a hidden golf player's silhouette, and one detail that only they will understand is the golden book open on the sea-waves.
We tried many color combinations before they decided on their color scheme shown above - here are four examples. Which would you choose? (click images for bigger sizes)
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