W O O D L A N D   P A P E R C U T S   is the artisan studio of Naomi Shiek (that's me!). 

My name means pleasant and my surname is pronounced chic, both of which are reflected in this atelier ~ a pleasant, elegant place from which beautiful papercuts spring forth.
A B O U T   M Y   P A P E R C U T S
It is my honour to create cherished artworks that celebrate your love & commitment.

I specialize in papercut ketubot; highly decorative artworks traditionally used in Jewish weddings and now in all celebrations! I create authentic, highly-detailed and time-consuming tactile paper heirlooms cut by hand. Each of my ketubah designs feature my signature style of elegant florals and enchanting forest scenes for an exquisite, romantic finish.

My papercut ketubot are sold at Woodland Papercuts on Etsy, and you're also welcome to contact me for bespoke commissions!  

W H A T   M A K E S   W O O D L A N D   P A P E R C U T S   U N I Q U E
I am dedicated to creating paper heirlooms that celebrate your love stories and promises.

These are meaningful artworks for you to keep and treasure forever. I will get to know what is most meaningful to you and create a special memento of your celebration that is anything but ordinary.

Whether you are familiar with the ketubah or not, with a friendly and patient approach I am here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating a cherished keepsake of your wedding, be it traditional, secular, same sex, or interfaith, all are welcome! 

Together, we'll flesh out your vision of the dream ketubah to best represent your unique love story. As I'm fluent in both Hebrew and English, I will work with you on the text to ensure it is just right for your ceremony. No matter where you are in the world, with a few short consultation emails and in a matter of weeks your dream ketubah can be in your hands!

Since establishing Woodland Papercuts on Valentine in 2012 my papercuts have taken part in countless weddings and have found loving homes around the world. It would be my honor to be a part of your big day as well!

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H E I R L O O M   P A P E R C U T   K E T U B AH

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