Etsy Awards 2019 Winner

November 25, 2019

photo by Nechama Jacobson

photo by Ted + Chelsea
Etsy announced their winners of the first ever Etsy Design Awards and I'm happy to share that my WONDERS OF SEA & TREE ketubah was declared the winner in its category Festive Celebrations!
“We’re constantly looking to uncover the latest trends emerging on Etsy, and the Etsy Design Awards were an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the highest quality items created by talented makers around the world.”
-Dayna Isom, Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert and competition judge.
photo by Nechama Jacobson

photo by Nechama Jacobson
The Etsy Design Awards (or Etsies for short) sought to highlight sellers who “truly embody the spirit of Etsy," an artisan marketplace boasting thousands of talented and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Naturally for an introvert artist like myself it is a bewildering honor to be considered one of "the very best of Etsy!"

I certainly didn't feel like it when I applied. Truth was, I was in a slump. I was reading articles and workbooks by creative business coaches and filling out branding questionnaires and suddenly this Etsy Design Awards opportunity appeared in my inbox. I only applied not after reading the pitch, but after reading the application questions. I found myself thinking the questions over and decided that if I was going to answer them for myself I might as well send them on for other people to read. I'm sure my fellow winners will agree, the questions in the application form helped me remember why I create my art in the way that I do. How satisfying it is and how connected I feel to my craft. I honestly felt a weight lifted off my shoulders with every impassioned answer I gave. My answers helped me and my business before I ever knew I was chosen as a finalist!

Awards are recognitions of qualities you want to celebrate and encourage in the whole community, not just the recipient, so being chosen as an Etsy's Design Award recipient is not only a boost to my confidence as a creator - it's validation by my community. I’m so humbled and thrilled that Etsy agrees there is room in this modern world, in this wedding industry, for these handcrafted artworks.

The Festive Celebrations category's tagline is For all things wedding that are the life of the party. This is a perfect description of what a ketubah is! A ketubah is nothing if not a celebration of a couple's shared life, their hopes and dreams. It is a true keepsake ~ displayed proudly on the wedding day and at home to always remind spouses through hardships and happiness the strength of their love and commitment to each other.

Etsy Design Awards winner in the Festive Celebrations category
The Wonders of Sea & Tree papercut ketubah perfectly embodies the renewed spirit of this ancient wedding artistry: highly decorative with elements of both land and sea, it illustrates the merging of the bride and groom's lives together. Creatures of legend surround the marriage pledge and bestow a sense of adventure and excitement onto the wedding vows. Both worlds come together to create a design lush with symbolism and color that honors the sacred wedding vows and celebrates the the sentiments that inspired the wedding union.
photo by Nechama Jacobson for the Etsy Design Awards
photo by Nechama Jacobson for the Etsy Design Awards

I began making papercut ketubahs to celebrate the love pledge between lovers in a modern style that both honors the tradition of the ketubah’s craftsmanship and celebrates all modern love stories. At their core, all my papercuts begin with the story my clients share, of how they met and fell in love. The craftsmanship I put into creating them makes the sentiment behind a marriage covenant just that much more special and heartfelt, and I aspire to make each of my tactile artworks as enchanting as the love pledges they frame.

I approach each client with patience and a wish to help, because I know that many are unfamiliar with wedding artwork - traditional or otherwise - and I am here to educate and guide. The process of ordering a wedding keepsake should reflect the positive energy that brought the clients to this milestone, and be as breathtaking and joyful at the end.

photo by Nechama Jacobson for the Etsy Design Awards

photo by Nechama Jacobson for the Etsy Design Awards
photo by Nechama Jacobson for the Etsy Design Awards

I hope to always keep papercutting, creating and sharing beautiful artistry that my clients will cherish and cultivate in their own homes.

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Etsy's first ever Design Awards were covered in different publications, including APARTMENT THERAPY, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, and HUFF POST.
| Gorgeous studio photography by Nechama Jacobson Photography
| Animated GIF by Ted + Chelsea Photography

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