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We wanted to tell you how honored we are to have your beautiful work be a focal point not only in our wedding but in our home! We feel so lucky to have such an original ketubah and are thankful that we found you so far across the sea! :)

~ Jamie & Frederick Morton
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My fiance and I looked at hundreds, maybe thousands of ketubahs. We couldnt decide after over a month, so one day we collected our top three independently, and decided to go with the one we had in common, which ended up being WOODLAND PAPERCUTS! We both love the detail as well as the simplicity. I cannot wait to sign this in a few weeks and then frame and display in my home. Thank you!

~ Amanda & Ryan Cutright

We absolutely love our ketubah! It is beautiful, unique, and a work of art, and we cannot wait to hang it in our home for years to come. 
We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Naomi. She was quick to respond to our questions and was very helpful when it came down to the colors and fonts to use on the ketubah. The ketubah was delivered in a timely manner and was safely packaged so that it wouldn't get ruined while being shipped. 
We would definitely recommend Naomi to any of our friends and family looking for a unique, beautiful ketubah!

~ Jamie & Daniel Bodkin

Our ketubah is stunning - a true work of art. Naomi was such a pleasure to work with, tweaking the fonts/scripts til they were just right and making sure the final product was everything we hoped it would be. I am already getting questions about where friends can get their own! Thank you for creating such a special piece that we will treasure always.

~ Jordan & Rami Raff

It's hard to find unique, beautiful Judaica, and Naomi's work was so imaginative and skillful that we couldn't imagine having anything else for our ketubah. The process of working with Naomi was an absolute pleasure. Despite the distance, she responded quickly to every email. She was incredibly professional and personable as we collaborated on a custom ketubah. Naomi made creating the ketubah a joy. Our ketubah is something that we'll cherish forever and we have her to thank for it.

~ Lily & Gary Stute
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Wow absolutely stunning workmanship! Even the way it came packaged is of very high quality. Everything is top notch and worth every penny. Naomi of Woodland was an absolute pleasure to work with from the start and took the time to answer any questions I had. Her work is simply gorgeous and I would highly recommend Woodland Papercuts!

~ Dana-Maxx & Brandon Goodman
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I literally can not express my excitement! I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they see this, the design far exceeded my expectations, and I was really confident it was going to be amazing, so the fact that its better than I could imagine makes me so thrilled! I am so glad we found your designs! The ketubah is so beautiful, looks amazing in our house, and just perfectly fits us! By far our ketubah will be one of the best, physical mementos from our wedding!

~ Erin & Dylan Murphy
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We really love the finished product; it's a beautiful addition to our home. Your attention to detail, careful (and lovely) packaging, and patience while we picked a design and color made it
SIMPLE & FUN part of wedding planning.

~ Kelli & David

We can't thank you enough for making our special day even more special! We absolutely love the ketubah, and are so excited to be married!

~ Amanda & Daniel Goldstein

I picked up the ketubah today from the post office and it is just breathtaking. I had tears in my eyes opening it. I am just in love. This is going to be such an important element for our wedding and all because of you. 

~ Asya & Cathy
I just received our ketubah and I love it - thank you! We are so happy, and so impressed with the level of care and attention to detail you put into it. You have been a pleasure to work with and a great part of our wedding experience.

~ Kassin & Ryan Adelman

We just opened the ketubah and we are blown away! We can not stop smiling and exclaiming how much we love it! It is truly incredible. Every detail is simply beautiful, including your packaging and notes :) We really can not thank you enough, we are ecstatic and so grateful to have our hopes and aspirations for our marriage encased in your gorgeous artwork. And thank you again for your kindness and patience throughout the entire process. You were such a pleasure to work with, and halfway around the world no less!

~ Rita & Laura

We both started tearing up when we unwrapped it. I could rave about your work for days. The ketubah you made for us is truly an heirloom for a lifetime, and as the dust settles it becomes even more clear what was worth it. Did we really need linen napkins? Would we have been fine without the extra favors? Hindsight is always 20/20 and the ketubah shines through as a constant source of joy. Thank you.

~ Molly & Win Wallace
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The Ketubah was a source of amazement during our wedding!
~ Jenifer & Jeff Gould

For our upcoming wedding we wanted to do something different, something really personal. So we had a non-religious ketubah made by the intensely talented Naomi. We chose a beautiful willow design with text in both English and Chinese, and Naomi sent our beautiful wedding contract all the way to Canada. Cannot wait to hang it in our home as a reminder of the vows we made!
~ Antonia & Ranay

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  1. Our ketubah is flawless- it came out exactly like we had hoped. But the best part was working with Naomi- she was kind, attentive and encouraging during what ended up being a difficult time for our family. We had to rush then reschedule our wedding due to my father-in-law's sudden diagnosis and then too-soon passing. And working with Naomi was a happy memory through it all. You can tell her work is done with care and love. :)

  2. It's hard to find unique, beautiful Judaica and Naomi's work was so imaginative and skillful that we couldn't imagine having anything else for our ketubah. The process of working with Naomi was an absolute pleasure. Despite the distance, she responded quickly to every email. She was incredibly professional and personable as we collaborated on a custom ketubah. Naomi made creating the ketubah a joy. Our ketubah is something that we'll cherish forever and we have her to thank for it.

  3. We absolutely LOVE our ketubah. Naomi's artistry is gorgeous and we will cherish this forever. She was very kind and patient as we went through several rounds of deciding on text, color, and layout. She was professional and kind, and shipping was fast and transparent. Naomi is a very talented artist and I highly recommend her ketubot!

  4. {Lifted from a client letter by Erin Murphy (née Krakover) with her permission:} I can't say thank you enough for the magnificent ketubah! You were an absolute joy to work with! When dealing with a stressful time, as well as such a joyous time, having a person, as customer focused as you are, was a blessing. You are such a skilled artist. We requested a custom papercut, but we had very little idea of what we wanted to see. I was so amazed with your artistic ability to convert the information we provided about us, as people, to a magnificent piece of art that truly represents us as a couple. The ketubah is a perfect depiction, displaying the area we live and fell in love as well as included a lot of personal touches to incorporate our animals at home! I really am in awe of how from across the world you can nail down the personality and culture we were looking to portray. There is no doubt this is my favorite piece of art in our home. I want to just keep raving about how awesome it was to work with you, and how happy we are with the results.

    Your professionalism made me as a buyer feel so comfortable. I knew you cared to make sure your customers got what they truly wanted. You also made sure we'd receive the shipment with enough time before we left for our wedding. The other best part of the shipment was the packaging! I unfortunately do not have the best postal services, they seems to be a little slower and harder on items in my area, so naturally I was very concerned about the quality of the product once it arrived (not due to woodland, but to the shipping process). But much to my surprise, this is obviously not Naomi's first rodeo (so to say). The ketubah was so secure, I originally pre-purchased a picture frame to help transport it to the wedding, and found the packaging woodland papercut supplied to actually be the best option. Beautiful and functional two of my favorite things! The packaging was also so beautiful, I made the photographers grab pictures of this as well! The packaging helps honor how important this document is, opposed to most companies that will roll it in a tube. It was like opening this magnificent gift. Plus gave our wedding party this grand reveal, which was a nice touch.

    My Cantor said he loved this ketubah, and had never heard of your company before. He always suggested brides/grooms go to other sites, but he loved this idea and the text you provided he said he'll have to broaden his suggestions for the future! Which I agree the texts you offer are very unique and special, we really loved having some options to really reflect our choices. The wedding guests and family loved this! They all said it was a perfect extension of us, as the whole day was! The kids loved, they spent the night looking for all the fun critters in the design, they thought it was a huge seek and find, which was adorable! The guests as a whole, also really enjoyed the hidden treasures buried in the design as well as just how elegant and unique it was. I can't stress enough how well you nailed us and the look down! I know you had to have done a decent amount of research on the elements we provided you, which just really shows how much you love your job and your craft, as well as your customers! We loved the color options you gave us, and in the end the metallics look so amazing right before sunset reflecting off the lake side, and with the beautiful day we were blessed with and the pop of green it was so natural and perfect! Now that its in our home, it looks just amazing with our decor. My sister even admitted to being pretty jealous to having not looked harder for other ketubah options last year.

    So if I haven't said it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you! You really helped make our day perfect and tie a lot of those details and colors together! Also thank you for being a pleasure to work with and handling my long windedness effortlessly! I hope your passion continues to show through in your career as an artist.

  5. I cannot say enough good things about working with Naomi and the gorgeous ketubah that was delivered to us quickly and beautifully wrapped. Every step of the process was easy and fun thanks to Naomi's patience, expertise, and recommendations. She went above any beyond answering all of my questions and guiding me to make the most beautiful ketubah out there.

    Thank you, Naomi!!!