Fairy Garden | papercut ketubah for a magical backyard wedding

November 9, 2018

Janessa & Scott wanted to get married in their backyard under their willow tree. Small but untamed, it's been a playground and home base to their dog and daughter, a myriad of wildlife, and the ever secretive fairies. Yes, fairies! With tiny houses!

When Janessa first contacted me she described my papercuts as "lovely and whimsical, like a peaceful dream." I hope she feels the same about her own special ketubah; I certainly do!

After getting their vision for the ketubah it wasn't hard to whip out my pencil and draw a summer garden design overflowing with fairytale magic that features butterflies, gentleman toads, owls, turtles, and hedgehog families, to name but a few. I even have their daughter climbing the willow tree. It's one of those fun papercuts where the more you look at it the more details you find hidden in the local flora that fill up the design.

I think it took me a full week to cut once the design was approved, if I remember correctly. I kinda dragged my feet because I enjoyed it so much. Did I watch Fantasy movies while working? Ya bet I did!
16X24 inches | Polvere & Pearl Grey
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