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March 9, 2017

In February of last year Sam & Jen asked me to create a custom ketubah for them featuring flowers native to Maine. The brief was to create a "decorative" pattern, one that is "intricate but thematically simple". Challenge Accepted!

This ketubah went through two revisions, and the process was beautiful. We started with a very "full" design that was made out of waves and lupine flowers. Was that what Sam & Jen meant by "simple"?

I'll save you the suspense, the answer was no. They wanted to pare it way back, have a far less "full" pattern. So I removed everything but the lupines. The lupine flower has such a beautiful architectural shape to it, something that's simple yet complex at the same time as only Mother Nature knows to do - it was no trouble at all to redraw.

After seeing this version, they asked for a second revision (the custom design fee includes 1 revision round) to add back more flowers and make the design less symmetrical. This is what we came up with, and may I say; this makes my heart beat faster. It just looks better! Client feedback always makes it better:
____________________ C L I E N T   F E E D B A C K ____________________
The ketubah is gorgeous! You are so talented; thank you for this amazing piece. We look forward to hanging it in our home for all the years to come.

(the second version above) 
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M A I N E    L U P I N E 
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