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Friday, December 30, 2016

new in the shop | Old Favorites

Waiting for months (well over a year in some cases) to edit photos has some advantages. For one, I find designs I did 3-1 years ago, meant to list in the shop, and forgot all about! The pickings were starting to feel a little slim... So now I give you two old favorites that I was commissioned to make a good amount of 3 and 2 years ago, a bit freshened up and raring to go!

11X17 inches big
(click photo for best resolution)
Bringing this design out of retirement, I'm adding the option to have the leaves be a different color than the background. It's more technical work, but I think it's worth it for the impact. Those that like the more minimal, quiet look can keep everything one color.
In the above photos I used Polvere for the background and hand-painted metallic Copper for the leaves. I've since added new shimmer papers including copper that would work just as well. 

16X16 inches big
(click photo for best resolution)
This ketubah is based off a commission I did back in 2013. This design is 16X16 inches big and the text area is roomy enough to accommodate nearly all texts. I photographed the ketubah without a background because I love that look, but a color background can easily be added. 

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