December 31, 2016

There's a lot to say about 2016, but like the rest of the world I can succinctly say it sucked. Sucked bad. For me personally it's been a year of growth, one very painful at the start but steadfast at the end. Around the world it was 'terrible' capped off with 'I give up on you, humanity'. I gotta say that feeling overwhelmed me too in November. But since this is a work blog, I've decided to focus on the positive and send off 2016 with a winner:

From 2011-2013 my most popular ketubah was TREE OF LIFE.
In 2014 it was OAK TREE.
In 2015 it was TWIN TREES funnily enough since it's not even listed in my shop. 
In 2016 my most popular ketubah was ...drum roll...
18X18 inches big
your choice of colors & text
(click photo for best resolution)
As I make all ketubot bespoke, this design had many personal touches added to it with every couple, from colors to elements. Here are a few beautiful examples of its past evolutions:
This ketubah was an extensive rework and quite fun to do! The clients wanted to swap out some of the flowers, add a branch of cherry blossoms, a maple leaf for the bride (she's Canadian), an apple for them both (they live in NYC), and a butterfly in memory of the groom's mother who passed away. 
That beautiful textured gold background is a paper they fedex'ed to me, and it is absolutely amazing in person. Voila!
This  customization was small, sweet and impactful - and pretty self-explanatory - like the Mickey it represents. They got married in Disneyworld! 
This redesign was a combination of MOON & FLOWERS and the custom design GATSBY GARDEN PARTY it is based off. Having met at Ohio State University, the clients asked to incorporate buckeye nut, which I was able to do seamlessly. 
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