Bespoke ketubot {Part 3}

November 2, 2012

Part 3 of my bespoke orders review features two ketubot that I have no pictures of, which is a damn shame because they were pretty awesome. All I have are quick digital previews of the papercuts I had made for the clients to approve before I began cutting. What sets these two apart from the others is also the fact that each was a break from my usual handmade ketubah routine:

With Weeping Willow Frame I was commissioned to make the big, grand papercut only. It was then sent to NYC. There Jerise painstakingly did the beautiful Hebrew calligraphy and assembled the layers together, sending the finished ketubah to Atlanta. In the end, this handmade ketubah truly is an art piece. It was also the biggest papercut I ever made. Wish I could have filled all that negative space with a complete nature scene!
1 layer | size 22X26"

Art Deco Tree of Life - Fans will recognize Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass work in this ketubahIn fact it was the client's wish. This ketubah is also the only bespoke ketubah that I had lasercut instead of handmade. I felt that I wouldn't be doing it justice by attempting to cut it by hand, the design being all thin straight lines. The wonderful Candyspotting helped with that. It was a break from my usual style of organic, nature illustrations and handmade way of doing things. Though still an interpretation of nature, this was certainly an unusual take for me.
1 layer | size 11X17"

Tip | When ordering a custom design good communication is paramount. Great communication is even better. Don't hesitate to be very specific and limiting in your directions. I can't read your mind, and you don't control my hand, so you would still receive something you wouldn't have pictured, and I'd be better informed about what you want.

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