Bespoke Designs {Part 2}

November 1, 2012

For once I followed up on a post like I said I would! Two days ago I posted three custom designs that I did for clients this year. Here are two more:

Rustic Hollywood was for an amazing couple of actors who were best friends for years before falling in love. They wanted theater, nature, love birds, and succulents. This is what I came up with, and I'm very pleased with the result. I love the marquee letters and the birds so much! This ketubah also marks my fourth time cutting words (the Hebrew phrase on the cream text layer), which I don't like to do since I'm a nitpicking perfectionist. I did them 3 times! 4th time was the charm.
11X17" | 2 layers papercut

Floral Welcome Wreath, or the simply named Circle Ketubah, was a challenge. It was the first time I attempted a round ketubah. I had several ideas of multiple layers of gold and white papercuts, but in the end the client chose this one tone, two layers effect. I also ended up doing the circle inside a square border for easier framing and because it gave me more space to work with. I really went bonanza with the flowers on this one.
Useless behind the scene tidbit: Mrs. Doubtfire was streaming in the background as I designed this.
16X16" | 2 layers papercut

For all questions, requests, and simple chit-chat about bespoke ketubot, custom papercuts, and how to go about ordering them, you're welcome to contact me at my etsy shop or send me an email at woodlandpapercuts {at} gmail {dot} com.

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  1. Breathtaking! Love your work, as always! And yes, the circle one really catches attention :)