The Besotted Brand

October 4, 2011

It's not often that I see something on a blog and immediately repost it, but this deserves my enthusiasm. I'll be obsessing over The Besotted Brand until they launch for sure!

Helmed by Miss Tristan B., this polished stationery goods brand aims straight to the heart strings and is going to skyrocket to the stars from day one, I'm sure. Head on over to the Besotted blog for your chance to win the sneak peek giveaway! (Ends Friday, Oct. 7)

{found via Creature Comforts}


  1. Sweet girl you have brought tears to my eyes! Seriously, how kind are you? May I please add this gorgeous post to my future 'press' page? Thank you, so much!

  2. Oh my Gosh, of course you're more than welcome! I didn't think a post on my small blog would merit a mention in anyone's 'press' page, I'm super psyched you think it does!
    I've become a huge fan of yours over the past 24 hours, prepare to be admired!