{Sneak Peek} New ketubah design

April 6, 2011

Here's a quick look at a new papercut I made yesterday. It's a new peony corner design. It joins the line of papercut ketubot and will be listed in Jennifer Raichman's shop sometime in May.


  1. As a Filipina it's interesting to learn that besides the perfect wedding ring, the couples needed to choose the right Ketubah designs for their Jewish wedding ceremonial. This piece of document is like a contract that will be signed by the couples in front of the witnesses. Ketubah is like a bond of responsibilities, truthfulness and love for each other and their future

  2. Exactly. The ketubah is a binding legal document in Israel, but largely on the wedding day it is seen as a quaint and charming symbol of devotion between the couple. While the more traditional texts cite the duties of the couple to each other and god, the modern texts offered today reflect the sentiments you've mentioned.