Bamboo & Fern

March 17, 2011

In today's article I'm gonna feature 2 couture invitation designs: The FernBamboo. I made these two designs to match the papercut ketubot by the same name. I like matching stationery and so I wanted couples who purchased the ketubot to also have the option to further brand their wedding using the same theme.

The Bamboo was actually the first invitation I worked on. I already had the ketubah design as reference and I wanted to check how it would translate into the much smaller size of an invitation. Being the first one this was also the design I tested on several stocks of paper to see which one would fit best for the job. I originally wanted the invitation to not have a frame (like the reply card), but it proved too delicate. I tried aligning the text box to the sides, to the top or bottom, but in the end opted for the center alignment. There's more 'breathing room' this way and has the added value of keeping the design fresh from one application to the next.

The Fern reminds me of a spiral staircase. Beautiful and never-ending. It's a very lush plant and I collected a lot of close-up photos of ferns while researching its shape. What I like about it is that the closer you look at a fern the more details you see. You think it's made of one row of leaves, but then you see the leaves are made of even smaller leaves, and on those leaves there are even smaller baby leaves, and so on and so on... Kind of fascinating, where does it end?

I think that fern and bamboo plants have an almost architectural aesthetic. They really are beautiful and minimalist plants. In my head, they're the more modern of the designs in the collection, both as invitaton suites and as ketubot:

Bamboo Fern invitations are available through Woodland Papercuts
Papercut ketubahs are available in Woodland Papercuts or through Urban Collective's etsy shop

The papercut ketubot were featured on Style Unveiled as part of a feature on Jennifer's work {here}!

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