custom Woodland River papercut ketubah

November 18, 2020

papercut ketubah art for Jewish Washington wedding by Naomi Shiek

Shira commissioned me last year to create a truly unique fine art ketubah for her. She and her husband-to-be Brian chose the Reform pledge for their wedding vows, and needed a ketubah that will enhance and respect the sentiment expressed therein. Like myself she sees a lot of symbolism in nature and wanted her ketubah to tell her and Brian's story and truly be a celebration of their lives and all their wishes and dreams.

handmade papercut by Woodland Papercuts by Naomi Shiek modern artisan ketubah wedding keepsake
modern artisan ketubah wedding keepsake

Against a backdrop of Washington state nature scene I drew flora symbolic of healing and justice (to represent their chosen professions), added fruits of fertility and grace, and populated it with native creatures of strength, loyalty, nobility and love. Can you find them all? Together we created a picture of familial and romantic love and devotion, on par with their wedding vows. This special ketubah truly is swoon worthy!

It's a cherished privilege to bring brides and grooms' vision to life and I'm so honored to be part of the process. Sometimes it takes one or two revisions for my brides to clarify what they want, and sometimes we land it in one. In Shira and Brian's design process we went through a few small corrections, each one an improvement over the last, until we found the perfect representation of them.

I cannot express how much I love drawing woodland creatures ~ Deer! Bears! Otters! ~ The first design had larger than life otters, but Shira really loved the bears so I shifted focus to a family of papa bear, mama bear, and two cubs. I enjoy adding life to my scenes and I do admit I was sad to lose some of the critters along the way, but the final ketubah is so good you forget it was any different.

18X18 inches big, with 4 color layers, Shira and Brian's magical woodland scene features a family of bears, deer, otters, birds, squirrels, and a variety of flora. Not least of all a bough of cherry blossoms to represent the tree under which they got engaged. It took me a while to come up with a name for this design. Bear Escapade? Bear Country? A Quiet Place (too horror-moviesh, right)? Decided on Woodland River, but please reach out to me if you think of a better name! Cute puns are not my forte.

Wish you could have a ketubah like this one? I'm happy to announce a version of this ketubah is now available in the shop!

Once again, the magic of summer camp twinkles on: Shira chose her woodland wedding venue because it is where she went to summer camp growing up and decided then this magical place would be where she marries the love of her life.💫 The ketubah's artwork reflects the splendor of the woodland setting, and its exquisite craftsmanship is repeated still in the wedding gown and decor. The entire theme repeats in all details big and small - perfectly considered! The ketubah serves as a wonderful keepsake of this celebration, and all the couple have accomplished and will accomplish yet.

It is GORGEOUS! It's even more beautiful in person. You truly made our vision come to life. Your detail and artistry is amazing! Thank you so, so much for creating such a lovely, meaningful piece that encompasses our commitment and love. It really is one of the highlights of our wedding!!
handmade custom papercut ketubah artisan wedding keepsake modern ketubah for Jewish wedding and other celebrations
I love the design and craftsmanship. Thank you for creating such a lovely, meaningful ketubah. You integrated so many elements important to them: their love of nature and wilderness, their "home" in DC and Maryland, their commitment to medicine and law, even pomegranates. I really appreciated how you worked with us as we developed our ideas for the design, you were very patient. 

I also want to thank you for taking a centuries-old Jewish tradition and modifying it so that it is appealing and meaningful to the current generation of Jewish young adults. 

The ketubah held a place of honor at the wedding!
High praise indeed! A handful months later the bride's cousin also ordered a ketubah😊

If you too would like an artisan ketubah for your wedding ceremony or celebration,
please get in touch with me here.

For more photos of this Ketubah
For more photos of this Wedding

| photographer Kir Tuben@kir2ben
| wedding planner / day of coordinator Kristy Hartig
| venue Woodend Sanctuary

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