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Monday, March 18, 2019

custom | Otterly Love You

A custom design concept often begins with a list. What the couple wants to see in their ketubah? What do they definitely don't want to see? And I proceed from there. As a designer it's my job to flesh out the clients' vision and bring it to life in an edited, beautiful design. And I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I struggle with editing, myself. To have many ideas - same as to see many color variations - can often be too many ideas. More times than not I drive my assistant crazy because I work in tandem on 2 to 4 designs - sometimes to completion - before I can decide on the design to show the clients. It's not good time and labor management, but it's my creative process. And I definitely went through about 6 versions of this design before I settled on the one I showed Holly & Bill. (I still have the other versions in my back-pocket, waiting for their day.)

Holly & Will wanted their papercut ketubah to encompass their relationship across the years. It's a beautiful concept and oh my gosh we had a lot of pretty imagery to pull from! Holly gave me a list that included: lace, Chicago Musical Theater, castles, pumpkins, the Scottish Highland games, Superman, the ship necklace Will gave her, 'Safe in the Waves' motto, and more. A lot, right? Sounds random but she included a backstory and reason for every element to explain the emotional connection. The challenge for me was to pick and choose what to include and to create a cohesive composition that worked together not only aesthetically but also story-wise.

The two biggest elements I needed to feature were the bridge in Cedarburg, Wisconsin where the couple got engaged (Bill actually proposed to Holly there!) and a cutie-patootie otter couple (they mate for life!) - besides the ketubah text, of course;) Through their symbols - personal and universal - their love story needed to be told with a beginning, middle, and future. That the artwork came out so adorable is just a great bonus!
18X24 inches | Super Gold, Charcoal
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