Custom Papercut Ketubah for an Interfaith Wedding | Elephant's Kiss

November 19, 2019

handmade papercut ketubah for interfaith wedding by Woodland Papercuts

When Ruchi and Eric first contacted me for a bespoke ketubah to celebrate their destination wedding ceremony, I knew instantly this was going to be a beautiful artwork for me to design and create for them. Their interfaith wedding meant that both Hindu and Jewish cultures would need to be featured and with so many intricate and ornate symbols typical of both faiths, I couldn’t wait to bring the two together to represent their union!
I N S P I R A T I O N 
elephant and peacockRuchi and Eric adored my Mehndi Dreams ketubah and there were details they wanted to feature having seen it. From the Star of David with the Om symbol to the Hamsa, I filled the design with good luck charms nestled betwixt symbolic elephants, peacocks, mandalas, lotus flowers and stars to feature in their design.

Whilst this may seem like a long list of components to include, thanks to the consult process I do Ruchi and Eric provided me with a really clear vision of the ketubah they were looking for so I had a strong groundwork to start designing for them both!

The couple chose a rich palette of midnight blue, ivory and super gold to bring a decadent and regal look to their ketubah and I love how the three so naturally complemented the design references they had asked for.
T H E    D E S I G N 
I came up with the concept for Elephant’s Kiss to symbolise everlasting love and wisdom. Showcased beneath the ketubah text, two elephants create a focal point with their trunks lovingly entwined to signify a kiss and I added traditional Mehndi designs to them as a nod to Ruchi’s culture.

Sitting proudly about the ketubah text is a single peacock as a symbol of prosperity, protection and good fortune. I then designed around the animals to create a wonderland of decorative flowers, foliage with dainty hidden gold treasures thoughtfully placed throughout. The more detailed the papercut, the laciest it will look, and the ornate elements only enhanced the concept of this ketubah's design. It's fun to papercut, too! It's designs like these that challenge me to improve my skills with the blade and develop a style that's uniquely Woodland Papercuts. 
16X24 inches wedding vows artwork

From design to creation, Elephant’s Kiss took me around three weeks to produce. I refined the digital design twice for Ruchi and Eric, making small changes to give some of their favourite elements a little more visibility.

I am so thrilled with how this bespoke ketubah looks and I love how it brings together two truly beautiful cultures. As with every ketubah, these are paper heirlooms to treasure forever and I was delighted to have the couple proudly display theirs in their home following their wedding ceremony.

Custom handmade papercut ketubah for interfaith wedding

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