Etsy Awards Finalist

August 6, 2019

Etsy's wedding category #EtsyDesignAwards #TheEtsies papercut ketubah by Woodland Papercuts
I'm honored to share that WONDERS OF SEA & TREE papercut ketubah is an Etsy Awards Finalist!
Etsy's been a bright guiding star in my life. It has steered me into this ocean of freelance opportunity and exciting community I never would have adventured to on my own. Etsy has empowered me to live a life I would not have dreamed possible and I AM SO GRATEFUL!

I discovered Etsy in 2007 when searching for cupcake-shaped pin cushions. Down the rabbit hole I went! I was earning a BA in illustration at the time and told EVERYONE about this site. I opened my own tiny stationery shop on Etsy then and I'm pretty sure most of my class followed suit, listing their posters, paintings, and art dolls. Several are still active today - check out TushTush and Tosya!

A full time independent creator and business owner, I am an Etsy success story. This small crafters marketplace changed my life for the better! I’ve witnessed it grow over the years as I’ve grown. It connected me with other artists, shared stories of success and advice, showed me opportunities and encouraged me to be brave. I opened WOODLAND PAPERCUTS in 2011 and found a life worth living - full of creativity and heart.

Thank you Etsy editors for picking one of my ketubot for your first annual awards! And guys - go take a look, there are so many great artists on the list and beyond - just writing this I searched for my old shop and discovered a collection of new makers!

Etsy Awards wedding category #EtsyDesignAwards #TheEtsies papercut ketubah by Woodland Papercuts

If you're interested in WONDERS OF SEA & TREE - this beautiful masterpiece was first inspired by folklore of land and sea - creatures of legend surround your marriage pledge and bestow a sense of adventure and excitement on your wedding vows. 18X18 inches big this design is entirely hand-drawn and hand-cut. Just choose your text & colors and off we go! 
"I think I'm quite ready for an adventure!"
WONDERS OF SEA & TREE was nominated in the Festive Celebration category - for all things wedding that are the life of the party. This category is a perfect description of what a ketubah is! And this ketubah specifically embodies perfectly the renewed spirit of this ancient wedding artistry.

A ketubah needn't be boring, traditional, or closed off and secretive. It's a celebration of love - it should be shared! On Etsy I found likeminded artists who were trail-blazers in this niche industry. With the help of Etsy we shared the ketubah with a wider audience than ever before. No more unimaginative designs and low-quality prints, here you found story-tellers that created with care and a personable touch. I believe I was of the first few to sell papercut ketubot on Etsy, breathing new life into this dying artistry. You couldn't find a handmade papercut ketubah in an open, young style anywhere else but Etsy! Discerning Jewish, Quaker, and Artistic brides and grooms found us on Etsy and I'm thrilled to see this niche category has grown so much!

Etsy Awards wedding category #EtsyDesignAwards #TheEtsies papercut ketubah by Woodland Papercuts

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