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December 22, 2018

With designs based off real locations, sometimes the design depicts the scenery, and sometimes I stylize the elements to create an image that will evoke the memories and feelings the clients are looking for. Annie & Zach wanted a papercut artwork to represent a location close to their hearts: their favorite hiking spot in The Three Sisters Park in Colorado.

From all the papercuts I did featuring state park forests I know it's a landscape that resonates with many -myself included!- and it's a challenge for me to create this response anew, without repeating myself. I believe I succeeded with this commission: 
16X22 inches | Ivory, Copper, Ivy, Charcoal
(click photo for best resolution) 

Our Favorite Hiking Spot is a 16X22 inches big papercut made out of four layers. It's a landscape design that draws you in - and to me is reminiscent of The Secret Garden imagery - a gateway to another world. The papercut is full of details from the different landscapes that brought Annie & Zach together - flowers and trees and mountains and bears. The illustration frames the text, but I think in this case the text is truly secondary to the intricacy and beauty of the papercut layers. It's one of those papercuts I like to say has hidden treasures, so the joy of viewing it extends with every new discovery. My personal favorite are the little mice!
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