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December 22, 2017

custom design handmade papercut ketubah
Over the years I've created a lot of designs based on or inspired by specific locations dear to the client's hearts (for example). When working with my clients on their vision for their ketubah it's usually up to me whether the design would be more of a collection of elements that evoke the feeling of the location, or an actual depiction of the scenery.

A common trait those looking for a 'by location' design is that they love camping. Now I love the outdoors, but I'm not a camper. I would like to enjoy this activity, but I'm much more at home well... at home. A recent example of a design I did for a couple who loves to hike up mountains can be seen in the post on Quaker papercuts I wrote, namely the Olympic Mountains for a Washington state based couple. I'm so lucky to be getting design commissions for mountains and forests and rivers and animals, it's wild!

One of my favorite commissions of 2017 lives up to this theme. It was also a 'legacy' order (I believe is the right term): the bride's sister ordered a ketubah from me years earlier, and when her own wedding came she chose me for her ketubah as well! Jessica & Matthew are an outdoorsy couple who love to hike in the country's national parks. In fact, the starting point for this whole design was the breathtaking photo you see here to the side that they shot on their backpacking trip through the Glacier National Park in Montana. This shot of contentment in the splendor of nature guided me on the look of feel I wanted for their design. I tried to capture the wild essence of the place with its abundance of flora (I used their wedding flowers too!), as well as sneak in their hammock, dog, and a little bit of ahava (love). It is simply, effortlessly, one of the more gorgeous designs I pulled off this year.

handmade papercut ketubah custom design for sale
16X16 inches | Mercury & Midnight Blue
(click photo for best resolution) 

While editing the photos for this post (which are beautiful, scroll down to find the link for more), I found these two photos of designs from years past, which fit this post's theme and also show the different takes of 'by location' design:
click photo for best resolution
click photo for best resolution
THE FIG TREE | This ketubah was designed to represent the clients' backyard, with their fig tree taking center stage. Cats, birds, and specific flowers round up this quiet pond scene. What's unique with this ketubah is that the groom was going to write the text by hand himself, and the design was meant to fit around the allotted text space. I sent in the ketubah with a printed backup just in case.

ROCKY POINT ISLAND | Rocky Point Island in Australia was where Michelle & Timothy were getting married, and they wanted a design that would depict their wedding venue, iconic bridge and all.

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