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November 24, 2017

I wrote about the various incarnations of the TWIN TREES design before (SEE HERE), and one of the most popular is the one below. I first cut it in 2013 for a custom commission, and I've been receiving requests for it ever since. Always fast on the uptake, 4 years later here it is - The TWIN CHERRY TREES is now available in the shop!

Unlike the original, this listed version is 18X18 inches to better accommodate all texts. What's wonderful about this design is not only is it multi-layered (2 papercut layers!) but you can also choose to have the papercut layers in color (at no extra cost). For example, the four color combinations seen below.

I've been reluctant for a long time to release this particular design in the shop because it's one of my more delicate designs, having the least amount of anchors from center mass to the border. Any experienced papercutter will tell you that sometimes paper has a mind of its own and it will choose the worst times to misbehave - often when I'm running late and the courier is on his way to pickup orders. After cutting this design so many times though I know how to strategically adhere the papercut layers together along the branches to prevent them from shifting and lifting when the ketubah is handled - Don't want any mishaps at the Signing Ceremony! - while still keeping the play of layers and shadows for when the ketubah is framed.

In fact, I shipped out a version of this in Pearl Grey | Light Gold | Ivory | White only a few weeks ago, and regret not documenting the process - the perils of working alone - it came out so beautiful! The moment of overlaying the two delicate layers together - trees and branches - is always nerve wrecking, but so worth it once the branches sway into place to overlap the trees and "hug" the text perfectly.

18X18 inches | your choice of colors
(click photo for best resolution)

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