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April 1, 2017

In March of last year I received a commission by an Australian couple to create a design that celebrated their love of world travel and their shared history. They had a very specific vision of what they wanted ("Two Celtic Art Nouveau-ish style tyke trees with intertwined branches"), and a list of deeply thought-of symbols dear to them that had to be organically incorporated.

It was a tall order for sure, and if I remember correctly I was sick throughout it, desperately trying to catch up between days spent miserable in bed. This is one of those orders where the final design would have been 100% less beautiful were it not for the clients' feedback and dogged determination to make their vision work. I mean, I am so embarrassed by the first draft that I'm not even going to show you, that's how bad it was. This all made for an embarrassingly slow turnaround, but I take comfort in the fact that in the end we have a beautiful artwork to show for it.
I shared before my process arriving from concept to finished piece in my post about Creating a Custom Ketubah Unique To You. Truthfully, I found the accompanying visual of the inspiration elements and the resulting papercut interesting and surprising myself. For this order the clients wanted to include so many items that hold special meaning and memories for them, from candlesticks to movie silhouettes, it's easy to overlook the text is just as important and had to fit not only the traditional Hebrew and English, but Gaelic as well. This design is a great example of morphing so many ideas and wishes together into a beautiful papercut (with the help of my patient clients). In fact, they wanted so much that the best way to make it happen was to split the design into two papercut layers. I'ts safe to say, the play of overlapping layers only benefited the ketubah.
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