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April 3, 2017

This commission was a joy. I was getting over a cold and feeling euphoric, the sun was shining, and this client wanted me to draw fruit - YUM! I want to make more papercuts with fruit, it makes me think of sunshine and retro kitchens - anyone else has those associations? I should preface this by saying that I just drank two large glasses of hand-squeezed oranges so I. am. on. the. citrus. wagon!

This order is actually half beach vibe, half farmer's market, total California. The bride contacted me back in November of last year wanting to create a papercut ketubah representing Santa Cruz (where she's from) and Sacramento (where the groom's from). Think of this design as a collection of seashells, wine grapes, lilacs, poppies, oranges and strawberries (oh, how I miss strawberries); A zesty, fresh collection.

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Not only was it joyful planning and designing but it looks even better in person. We love it so much. It is so beautiful and we can't wait to hang it in our new home!
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  1. Speaking off retro kitchens this is our ketubah and we are renovating our 1950s home at the moment! It will be hanging with some lovely retro details in our house. Thank you so much!! We love it.