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June 17, 2016

In January of this year, Mohan & Lauren approached me to create a custom ketubah for them that will combine their Hindu and Jewish backgrounds. They wanted something in the style of a previous commission of mine called LACEY FLORA & FAUNA, but unique to them.

They gave me pretty much free reign, but cautioned that while they wanted motifs that related to the Groom's Indian roots and the bride's Jewish heritage, they wanted to keep them pretty light. We started with a design that was much more floral with a hint of henna motifs mixed in. Funnily enough, after seeing the preview the clients decided a burst of henna art is just too beautiful to pass up! So the ketubah is much more Indian than originally intended, but who can blame us? Amidst the elephants and monkeys we snuck in two cats, if you can spot them;)

16X16 inches big | Ivory & Brass (metallic)
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