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November 8, 2015


Believe me, I know what it's like getting stuck into a mission and losing sense of time. I often work through the night enjoying creating bespoke ketubot for my clients and realizing it's a new day only when the sun rays hit the ketubah. If you too suffer from the same time management affliction, you know: Time gets away from you and suddenly it's almost too late to get the ketubah that will remind you of your special day for years to come. It's for this reason that I've set up a new SALE section in my Woodland Papercuts shop!

There are 5 new listings and 5 old favorite ketubot in the shop for a special Off-Season price. All of these are ready to be mailed within days of purchase, a great solution for couples that time got away from them! Below are 4 of the new ketubot on sale:

16X16 inches big | Colors: Pearl Grey, Charcoal, Steel Grey, White
This ketubah is a popular design as of late, depicting a moon-lit cherry trees orchard. At least that's my take on it:) Unlike the other ketubot below, this one's colors cannot be changed. The design calls for relatively short text, so one language (English or Hebrew). ______________________________________________
16X24 inches big
This is a special big version of the popular Oak Tree ketubah. The original size was 11X17 inches big, but this one is bigger. And by bigger I mean 'huge - the ketubah is 16X24 inches (or 41X61 cm) big. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the original size, and nothing is lost in the design. This bigger size actually allows for extra long custom text, or a Quaker text with room for guests' signatures as well!
16X24 inches big
What I love about this ketubah is the different panels dissecting it like a stained-glass window. The colors are up to the clients, but you can choose as many colors there are panels, making a colorful ketubah (for example, with all your wedding colors). Seen in the sample photo are: Polvere, Light Green, and Moss.
11X17 inches big
Like the design above, this ketubah can also be colored in different colors to suit your wedding colors. Seen in the sample photo are: Polvere, Plum, and Fir.
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