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March 27, 2015

N E W   I N   T H E   S H O P

I am a paper junkie. That's it, I confess. I live between piles and mountains of papers.... And empty cardboard boxes, but that's another issue. The thing is, I love paper. More than that, I love seeing paper, holding paper, knowing the quality and true color saturation in different lighting... I actually frame blank papers, ok? It's my thing and that's what Ikea frames are for.

I'm always happy to share my stock, so couples can forage for samples if they want and make an informed color decision for their ketubah. We're all A type personalities here! Sadly for my US clients the European papers I use are not as common in US art supply shops as they are in Israel. So if you're like me and want to see & feel papers before you buy, I made paper sample packs for you!

You can buy all my papers to play with, or one of the other four packs if you have a color preference for 

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