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January 15, 2014

Eric & Angela commissioned me last summer to create a ketubah inspired by Texas, the backdrop to their love story. They asked the design be 'tranquil' and 'serene', and to include a tree and flowing river. I waned to feature those red mountain ranges I remember from classic western movies, so that was my own personal touch, which the two thankfully approved of. They wanted the biggest size of papercut I can make, which is 16X24 inches. Things are big in Texas!

I sent them two sketches, and they ended up with a version of the one on the right. The ketubah was designed around the three languages of the custom text: English, Hebrew, and Spanish.

It is I N C R E D I B L E !!!!
The more Angela and I look at your handiwork, the more we love it. (And we thought we loved it before.) We are so glad you were the one to make this custom heirloom that will be
with us the rest of our lives.
Your creativity, artistic eye, and execution of the design is breathtaking. We thank you, sincerely, for how easy it was to work with you as well. The response time, the ease of going through the design phase, and your own enthusiasm in all those steps made it a joy to go through the process with you. 

For more photos of the TEXAS RIVER ketubah & other custom ketubot, see my

If you too are interested in a custom papercut order, please go to the FAQ PAGE to find answers to your questions & client files.

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