{New in the Shop!} ANTLERS wood cards

October 15, 2013

I love wood, it's a great material. It means warmth and beauty to me. Not a big surprise I named my shop WOODLAND or that I use wood in my packaging. After months of collecting small wood boards, I can finally launch my new wood cards, with the hope you'll find them beautiful too!


Each card was cut, hand-sanded and then hand-stamped or pressed with my antlers illustration. The raw wood grain stands out beautifully on the satin-smooth surface of each card. What I love is that they can be mailed as postcards or in envelopes, these cards won't bend and crease en route to your loved ones.

The process of making the cards was full of discovery. I learned I am bad at taking a new idea from concept to reality, but I love playing with new materials and techniques. My assistant tried or researched everything from hand-painting each piece to laser-etching to screen-printing. I really wanted the process to be handmade and done in-house, and the cards to remain affordable. My assistant is the most patient woman alive (and the best mom ever!) and she got us there. It was a lot of back-and-forth, and some failed attempts, but she assembled the best tools together for the job and went to work. She sanded and printed each wood card. She rocks! 

The cards are available for sale in singles and in sets of five here

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