New design! Ruffles

May 12, 2012

I am finally able to share with you a new design that's going to be available for sale in the Urban Collective shop in June. I showed a small sneak peek of it in progress last month, and now see the result - the new Ruffles papercut ketubah!

Ruffles is the most delicate papercut I ever attempted. Right away I knew the only way to go would be to have it laser cut. There are for now only 2 copies made, until we see what the response for it will be. That's a little behind-the-scenes secret for you, I always make my papercuts to order and in small batches, so whenever anything falls out of style, it's gone for good. This design is crossing the Atlantic right now on its way to the US.

When creating the design I was inspired by this picture posted on the Urban Collective blog. Jennifer has been encouraging me for some time now to do fabric-inspired papercuts, and after seeing that cascading ruffles dress I couldn't resist. It's so soft and romantic, I love the optical illusion of layers in it. I can see it fitting perfectly in a wedding with a French theme, or one where the bride wears a ruffled dress and the color theme is ivory and blush pink. So sweet!

Ruffles papercut ketubah | Woodland Papercuts & Urban Collective collaboration


  1. This is so beautiful! I have yet been able to comprehend how you can cut that delicately, but I'm not gonna be bothered by that. I enjoy being in awe :)

  2. Thank you Pam! It's all to do with patience, don't rush the cut:)
    This new design is actually cut by laser, it would have been too expensive otherwise, it's so labor-intensive. It's still lovely, isn't it?:)

    1. oh yes! laser-cut, hand-cut, definitely still lovely! :)