NEW Poppy Flowers

February 29, 2012

Last year I made my first complete set - the Poppy Flowers. It includes a ketubah, guest registry poster, invitation, reply card, gift card, a save the date, and program cover. A combination of things have conspired to make me wait to list the set at the time, and frankly I forgot about it until tonight.

But now that I remembered I couldn't wait any longer! The sad thing is, I have even more sets, complete and otherwise, wasting away in my folders. I'll get to them one day. Since I'm still working on setting up a price guide and a labor process that won't kill me for the invitations, etc (and my apologies to everyone who emailed me about this, I'm working on it, honest!), you'll have to wait to see the full set (though it's a beauty, in my humble opinion). I've only listed the ketubah and guest registery poster in my etsy shop tonight.


  1. stunning! and I absolutely love your new logo too...

  2. Beautiful! So clever! I wish i had a talent for this. PS love the blog.