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Friday, September 16, 2011

My birthday photoshoot

Yesterday my friend Tali, who's a professional photographer and artist invited me for cake. One thing led to another, we had my birthday photoshoot which we've been postponing since the date. So yeah, this is how I look aged 26 years. Wow, did not think I'd make it out of my awkward childhood intact. I'm still kind of gangly, skinny with a less-than-perfect posture, but that's what I have Tali's photographs for. Look what a difference a year makes! This is a portrait of a different Naomi from 25 years old me. For one thing, I've already started ticking off goals I've set myself. At last, the birthday photoshoot is now officially a tradition!

Looking at the photos, they came out a bit bridal, though it certainly wasn't on our minds taking the picture. Tali really liked the play of white on white, said it reminded her of my papercuts. We did a series in color in different outfits, and a series in black and white in just this ensemble. It was fun! We attempted to use props, like a marching drum, but I kept cracking up so it was a no-go. Too bad. Next photoshoot I want to use a giant red balloon. And wear shoes. We'll see.

In the picture:
Crinoline | Swank Underpinning
Necklace | Wild Thing
Deer Terrarium Ring | Woodland Belle
Tops | private collection

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