Paper Cutting Book

June 3, 2011

I first learned of a new book featuring the art of papercutting on Elsa Mora's blog where she gave a sneak peek of the book cover. My jaw dropped. A while later I saw the book, now titled Paper Cutting, on the Chronicle Books Publishing site, scheduled for release in April. Elsa also released some preview shots of the book. I pre-ordered it on Amazon and last week I got it. I know most of the artists included in the book, but I'm happy to find some names that were new to me. For instance, Mia Pearlman, whom I especially loved. I liked the little texts about each featured artist, and the introduction by Natalie Avella was well-written. I really liked the book format, the quality and size of the pictures, and the layout overall. The only downside is that a lot if not all of the pictures are available online (in fact I have most of them on my computer), so I'm disappointed there weren't any new works featured.

Elsa Mora's All About Papercutting blog
Sneak Peek of the book cover in progress
Preview of the book

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