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Friday, December 15, 2017

custom | Quaker wedding certificates

papercut artist Naomi Shiek papercutting a custom design quaker ketubahI make papercuts for all weddings, as luckily Jewish people aren't the only ones who thought of presenting their vows to their community in artful detail - take the QUAKERS for example. They take it a step further even and involve their community by having everyone sign their hand as witnesses to the union - making the ketubah pull double duty as both a troth keeper and a guestbook!

There are different styles and ways to go about writing a Quaker certificate. Traditionally the text is short and written by the community of witnesses (it is most comparable to the Jewish ketubah's Egalitarian text). The more modern texts range from the bride and groom's vows followed by their signatures and their guests' signatures, to a succinct sentence declaring all the signatories witnesses to the union followed by the signature lines (read the text options I offer HERE).

I like the approach that combines the couple's vows with space for all the wedding's guests because it has something for everyone. And I truly mean everyone, because like the Jewish ketubah, the Quaker certificate has been adopted and adapted by couples of all faiths and persuasions for their weddings, as seen below.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Often copied

handmade by Naomi Shiek for a Jewish wedding, traditional design
Whenever I see an artist write about copycats and forgers, I get this ugly feeling in my stomach. I feel angry on their behalf and on behalf of anyone who purchased the fake not knowing what true art they were missing out on. Also, I don't like to see ugliness online (who does, right?). It's why I struggled with posting this. I wrote this post after several of my works copied one afternoon and quickly wrote out my frustration. I've since seen more of my designs replicated and I AM NOT FLATTERED. So I'm going to be a bit negative here, then post some pretty photos. Be warned.


Friday, December 8, 2017

custom | Judaica Nouveau 2.0

For years I created my papercuts for clients and didn't know how to name my style. It wasn't traditionally Jewish, or Chinese, or Polish, or graphic, nor strictly Minimalist or loosely Victorian. That is, until I had a client in 2014 who wanted all Jewish elements - with a spin! We're talking peace doves, and Jerusalem, and Sabbath Candles, and the Kiddish Cup, etc... (SEE NOUVEAU JUDAICA). It came out so well in fact it became one of my favorite designs, a point of pride for me to define what JUDAICA NOUVEAU means to me (and if you're wondering about the word-wsitchoroo, I don't know French well enough so I'm just winging it.) And this design is loved not only by me - but by other couples getting married who fell in love with the imagery and the style and kindly asked me to create new versions for them!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Ketubah - Your wedding Keepsake

The KETUBAH is not exclusive to Jewish ceremonies, or even to religious ceremonies. It is a cultural phenomena anchored in tradition, which everyone are welcome to adopt and adapt to suit their own vision. 

Whether Jewish or not, religious or secular, you can have a ketubah for what it is - a memory of your wedding, like your wedding gown that hangs at the back of our closet, or a piece of the cake that you keep in the freezer - only your ketubah is designed specifically to be conveniently and beautifully displayed in your home, a declaration of your mutual pledge to each other.

I look at my ketubot as beautiful artworks immortalising a couple's love and commitment.
The craftsmanship I put into making your ketubah makes the sentiment behind a marriage covenant just that much more special. 

made in Israel
wedding keepsakes

A ketubah is a written marriage pledge. It is comprised out of two integral elements: The central and most important one is THE TEXT. The Second is THE DESIGN. What text and design you choose for your ketubah is up to you. There are in the world ketubot that are made to be folded and kept safe in a vault, but I don't make that kind. Instead,
I create beautiful artworks to be 
cherished & displayed
Which is why you're here as well! 
Together, we'll create a memory of your wedding for generations to come.

photo from the Morton wedding | Morgan Trinker Photography.

Yes! A 'ketubah' is simply Hebrew for a decorative marriage covenant - which is not exclusive to any religion! You can have one regardless if your celebration is religious / secular / same sex / Jewish / Christian / Quaker/ Pagan, Interfaith / or an anniversary. While the traditional ketubah plays a role in the wedding ceremony, as an wedding memento it can even be commissioned exclusively as art for the home following your wedding. 

The text used in your ketubah is decided on by the type of wedding ceremony you've chosen. Are you having an Orthodox wedding? A Conservative wedding? A Reform wedding? A Secular wedding? An Interfaith wedding? And so forth. The type of ceremony you plan to have is completely up to you, and you should choose your officiant accordingly. If you're having a religious ceremony, there's a small selection of texts that you can choose from to fit your ceremony type. If you're having a secular ceremony, you can even write your own text! Your wedding vows to each other are always a good choice.
For more information on the different text options I offer
For more information on the Orthodox and Conservative ketubot 

Congratulations, you're already half way through! The design of your ketubah is completely up to you and not dictated by the type of ceremony and text you've chosen for your wedding. Remember, this artwork will hang in your home!

I offer quick-turnaround and ready-to-ship designs in MY SHOP as well as fully CUSTOM DESIGNS that I create per your wishes. I'm also able to take old designs of mine and customize them to suit your needs. Your budget and timeline are the two factors that will guide in your decision.
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Friday, November 24, 2017

new in the shop | Twin Cherry Trees

I wrote about the various incarnations of the TWIN TREES design before (SEE HERE), and one of the most popular is the one below. I first cut it in 2013 for a custom commission, and I've been receiving requests for it ever since. Always fast on the uptake, 4 years later here it is - The TWIN CHERRY TREES is now available in the shop!

Unlike the original, this listed version is 18X18 inches to better accommodate all texts. What's wonderful about this design is not only is it multi-layered (2 papercut layers!) but you can also choose to have the papercut layers in color (at no extra cost). For example, the four color combinations seen below.

I've been reluctant for a long time to release this particular design in the shop because it's one of my more delicate designs, having the least amount of anchors from center mass to the border. Any experienced papercutter will tell you that sometimes paper has a mind of its own and it will choose the worst times to misbehave - often when I'm running late and the courier is on his way to pickup orders. After cutting this design so many times though I know how to strategically adhere the papercut layers together along the branches to prevent them from shifting and lifting when the ketubah is handled - Don't want any mishaps at the Signing Ceremony! - while still keeping the play of layers and shadows for when the ketubah is framed.

In fact, I shipped out a version of this in Pearl Grey | Light Gold | Ivory | White only a few weeks ago, and regret not documenting the process - the perils of working alone - it came out so beautiful! The moment of overlaying the two delicate layers together - trees and branches - is always nerve wrecking, but so worth it once the branches sway into place to overlap the trees and "hug" the text perfectly.

18X18 inches | your choice of colors
(click photo for best resolution)

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