Tuesday, December 9, 2014

in the shop | Fast Turnaround Ketubot

Towards the end of my busy season, when I was starting to fantasize about a looong vacation, I decided to list more machine-cut ketubot in the shop. These ketubot are first cut by machine and further detailed by my hand. The machine is a plotter (knife) machine so the cuts won't oxidize (stain) with time. All the small cuts are still made by hand and I go over the papercut carefully to make sure it is of the same high quality of my hand-cut papercuts.

The machine-cutting process thankfully negates the need for advanced booking weeks in advance so these ketubot are perfect for couples who are looking for beautiful heirloom creations on a tight schedule. Now there's no reason to compromise!

There are currently 12 ketubot in this category, which is also enjoying a %25 off sale through December. The designs range from stylized flora to leafy frames, and can be found HERE.

for more photos see 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

announcement | $100 OFF IN THE SHOP

The Wedding Off Season is here, and with it my Off Season Sale! 
I've taken $100 (or 25%) off several really beautiful designs in my shop. 
Better yet, there's no waiting period, your orders can be filled right away and mailed 10 days from purchase!

Sale ends November 30

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NEW IN THE SHOP | Cherry Tree Branches

Last month I debuted a new giant size papercut ketubah in the shop
Size 18X24 inches

The ketubah is the biggest I can make and mail worldwide. It is a beautiful depiction of cherry tree in bloom, against a blazing sunset background. My favorite is the combination of hand-painted gold & soft pink colors. I already had a commission with a custom addition of the couple's initials in beautiful gold script.

Because of the design, this ketubah is uniquely suited for the orthodox text. The traditional text will be nestled at the center of the overlapping tree branches. I'm looking forward to make more color versions of this ketubah for future clients!



If you have any questions or requests, about this ketubah & others, and don't find your answers in my FAQ page, contact me at woodlandpapercuts@gmail.com

Friday, October 31, 2014

Personalizing Your Ketubah

So you found the perfect ketubah for you, but something's missing... You want it to be personal, unique to you. Why not add in your initials?
The ketubot in this post are of ketubot available in my shop which clients also asked to further personalize with their initials for perpetuity.

To see more photos of the personalized ketubot, see my ketubot galleries
If you're interested in a personalized ketubah, feel free to contact me at

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NEW | Christmas Wood Card


I did not grow up in a country that celebrated Christmas. For me, it's not about the Christian aspect, but the family traditions that are treasured during the holiday season. Green trees, pretty lights, and love for all mankind - it's such a pretty holiday! I first saw Christmas in all its glory when I was 18 living in Amsterdam. It was also the first time I saw snow falling - it was so quiet! - At the time I was going to work before sunrise and coming back after nightfall so the only light source I saw were the twinkling fairy lights strewn across the shops, boulevards, and courtyard trees. I was enchanted, and dreaming of a White Holiday Season ever since. 

Each card is made of wood with a beautiful grain, sanded smooth, and hand-stamped on both sides: One side is stampted with the poem Dreaming of a White Christmas, and the other with my antlers illustration. The cards are sturdy and fit an A7 envelope. 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

Just like the ones I used to know 

Where the treetops glisten, 
and children listen 

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

With every Christmas card I write 

May your days be merry and bright 

And may all your Christmases be white  

If you want to write your own holiday missive you can also choose the ANTLERS wood card instead, which is only printed on one side.