Sunday, June 29, 2014

tips | what pen to choose?

What do you recommend we use to sign our names? Can I use a sharpie?

The question above is one I started getting a lot lately. The ketubah paper is in fact ideal for all writing instruments and inks, from store brand ball-point pen to collectible fountain pen, from gel ink to india ink. That doesn't mean I don't have my favorites! Below are my recommendations:

METAL TIP (from left to right) : Jenfon ball-point pen | Pilot V5 Grip 0.7mm nib | Pilot G Tec C4 0.4mm nib | Faber Castell collectible pen - Ondoro with EF nib
FELT TIP (from left to right) : Stabilo OHPen S nib | Pigma Micron 04 nib

Metal tip pens are the most common in office and art supply stores. There are endless brands, types, thicknesses and colors. My personal favorite is the Pilot G-Tec series. Personally I advise using a metal-tip pen, because the felt-tip pens (like thin sharpies) do tend to bleed more. I did recommend two felt-tip pens I love to use; they handle writing pressure well.

It's up to you to choose which pen works best for you. Inks are no longer made with iron, so they will not discolor and fade like you see in old documents. But if you're worried, pick a pen with archival ink.

My tip is to use an old favorite pen. In your 20+ years of penmanship you'll have discovered what pen you like best. Trust your experience. For your convenience, I started giving a blank notecard with every order so you can test your pen choices (and practice your new signature).

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

bespoke | Fanciful ketubot

Along with papercuts that embody home, or depict a location, there are ones which are fully fanciful.

The following ketubah is open to the eye of the beholder, but for the couple who commissioned it, it is full of symbolic testimonies of their love story. The keywords for this design were art deco shapes, stylized trees, mountains and lightning bolt.  

Handmade papercut ketubah
18X18 inches 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

bespoke | Oregon Forest

For this order the keywords describing their Oregon home were rainy, foggy, rain forest. Might not be what others associate with Oregon, but worked well for me:) I took on the challenge of depicting an overcast and often wet place without making it gloomy. Two-tonal grey and wild ferns draw the eye to the giant fir trees framing the text, making a wild, atmospheric forest design, perfect for a nature-loving couple.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm not a wordsmith. I couldn't count the ways, or hows, or whys I love you, I just do. I'm so thankful you're my mother and I got to meet the most tremendous woman on earth. You're strong, you're tender, you're deep, you're loving, and I'm honored to pass you this very public note from my heart on this day and all days

I love you mom

Saturday, June 21, 2014

in the shop | Custom colors: Rose & Copper

My MOON & FLOWERS papercut ketubah is listed in the shop in the very dramatic colors of gold & midnight blue, which impress an atmosphere of a magical moon-lit garden. Like with  all of my papercut ketubot, the coloring can be changed. And oh, what a difference a color makes! With rose & copper colors the ketubah is turned into a feminine floral vignette caught in a blazing sunset.

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