Summer Camp Papercut Ketubah - an ode to childhood

February 14, 2020

Lacey detail of mandala - handmade by Woodland Papercuts
Back in 2018 I received a commission to design a ketubah that is dedicated to that nostalgic coming of age place - the Summer Camp. Like my STARGAZING ketubah, it pays homage to where the couple first met, fell in love, and connected with nature. A place of growth, discovery, and finding yourself. Where adventures are embarked upon - and this one, Blaire and Sam's love journey - circles back to.
I N S P I R A T I O N 
The clients were referred to me by their friends, upon which they discovered the MEHNDI DREAMS ketubah I made a year prior. They loved the style, being both connected to Asian culture and practitioners of yoga, and wanted a design that would honor these motifs. The scenery had to include elements of the summer camp where they met as children, as well as other important locales in their lives such as California and Israel. Hopefully I achieved a design that facilitates relaxing immersion back into precious memories.

חי - handmade by Naomi Shiek

T H E    D E S I G N 
As a personal artwork it's unlikely other viewers will receive the same energy looking at the ketubah as my clients will, which makes it all the more uniquely theirs. I included pomegranates, ferns and fir trees, lacey chakras and even a cheeky lemon. There were a first and a second version to the design on the way to get the plant balance right, but I think you'll agree this gold and ivory creation hits all the right notes!

Jewish wedding pledge Interfaith Keepsake
🌿18X18 inches | Ivory & Light Gold🌿

Blaire & Sam are two of several clients who met at summer camp as children. A repeating theme, I've reached nearly ten commissions with the same premise, which shows that the magic of summer camp connections is indeed real! It's a privilege to bring forth these intimate, funny, complex and personal love stories into artful keepsakes for my clients. How did you meet your forever love? Tell me all about it!

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