A Ride To Remember

April 15, 2019

Even though my work is very crafty and old school - there's no machine cutting these papercuts for me! - I do rely heavily on technology for my business. All my clients are from overseas after all! But man oh man, the magic of the internet escapes me sometimes. For some reason every year or so I suffer through a mysterious bout of disappearing emails and bad connection. It always takes me a few weeks to realize the dearth in customers isn't a natural occurrence and then I scramble to make heads or tails of what's happening. It happened to me again over the holiday season and the start of this year, but this time I solved it with some coding mumbo-jumbo and managed to recover at least 2 weeks of emails (older ones were gone for good, sadly).

This commission here fell victim to that internet void, but luckily Zan believed in me enough and persisted through network glitches and missing emails to share with me her vision for the ideal wedding keepsake and cherished artwork.

S I D E N O T E | It came out so well. So please don't give up on me if I fail to reply, I lost your email and can be reached over on instagram and etsy!

Every time anew I am humbled by the trust and respect clients put in me to commission a wedding art piece that will not only stand in a place of honor in their homes, but in their hearts as well. There's a special kind of power in that artwork, which I feel comes from the shared affinity I and my clients have for Mother Nature. Its regenerative powers of healing and hope go hand in hand with that of Love, and what I strove to convey with this design of an idyllic view.

From the pinterest board (I should recommend more clients make these!) I knew Zan & Daniel were looking for a 16X24" big design in golds and greens that will have the atmosphere of scenic bicycle trails and specifically feature windmills, cherry blossoms, peonies and field flowers, Oregon mountains view, a violin, and pomegranates. For further inspiration I used the verse they asked to include with their text, which is not the usual verse people ask for but one that exemplifies Zan & Daniel's awe and respect for nature so well:
"For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; 
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;"

After I finished drawing the papercut I decided adding colors to the leaves would really make them jump off the paper, as it were - so I spent a few hours assembling these like a puzzle underneath and over each other. It was strangely therapeutic, and the impact of the different golden shades shimmering in the sun cannot be disputed!

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