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September 21, 2018

Once I posted about the STARGAZING ketubah - one of my favorite designs of 2017 - I received several requests to customize it. I ended up making three new versions for different couples, all of whom were charmed by the imagery but wanted to make it theirs.

By the way, I think I finally solved the mystery of what visual memory inspired this design and the MOON & FLOWERS! The faded visual memory has been haunting me for years. I think it's the illustrations one-time-wonder Haim Housman did for Fania Bergstein's Hebrew children's book entitled Let There Be Night (a story based on one of Hans Christian Andersen's short tales from the collection What The Moon Saw). I don't remember the story, but those illustrations left an indelible impression on me. They are really iconic - Check them out here!

First there was Esther, who loved the original design but wanted it to reflect her new martial home that backs into the woods and has a fire pit! I enlarged the moon to accommodate her text and let the stars shine.
Then came Jane, who wanted to add an oak tree (I fancy she's having a backyard wedding and it's the tree she's getting married under). She had a much longer text than the original and also needed a bigger moon, and overall the dimensions grew to 18X18 inches. I also added a carved out heart and initials to the tree, which I think came out really organic. I landed on what she wanted pretty fast, though the colors changed from the first concept. Which would you prefer? (my favorite is the colorful papercut layer.)
click photo for best resolution
click photo for best resolution
Finally, there was Adina who contacted me a few months later asking for Jane's version with a few small changes. Less Spanish moss, no carved out initials, but the extra stars balance it out. *twinkle twinkle*
It's not rare that I get asked to personalize a papercut design, but it is pretty unique that the design changed that much (and yet, remains the same). Which version is your favorite?
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