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January 12, 2018

starry night papercut for Jewish wedding
Josh & Elana reached out to me after they saw the Where We First Met ketubah and other designs I've created, because they liked how I incorporate nature into my work. The two are childhood sweethearts who met at Jewish camp and spent their summers there growing up and falling in love. Yes, just like in a romance movie! They wanted a ketubah that, in their own words, "makes us remember the qualities of camp that we loved and have held a special place in our hearts.They actually had their ketubah all sketched out (a lakeshore at sunset), which made me worry my interpretation would only disappoint. Instead they proved very open to new ideas as long as they captured those ilusive feelings, hopes and dreams that they shared "the first night we spent together star gazing in the grass on the softball field - looking through the trees at the stars."

Once I read those words I could not get them out of my head! That goal of capturing memories, feelings and qualities dear to them -  is something I strive for with all my clients. And the picture they painted in my mind with their words was so lovely, I had to get it out on paper!
studio shot of in progress papercut ketubah Stargazing
Custom designed and cut by Naomi Shiek, 16X16 inches big ketubah for Jewish wedding
papercut ketubah detail shot of starry night design by Naomi Shiek. Papercut tree and stars
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