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January 9, 2017

____________________ F E E D B A C K ____________________
We requested a custom papercut, but we had very little idea of what we wanted to see. I was so amazed with your artistic ability to convert the information we provided about us as people to a magnificent piece of art that truly represents us as a couple. The ketubah is a perfect depiction, displaying the area we live and fell in love as well as included a lot of personal touches!

The kids spent the night looking for all the fun critters in the design, they thought it was a huge seek and find, which was adorable! The guests as a whole really enjoyed the hidden treasures buried in the design as well as just how elegant and unique it was. 

I can't stress enough how well you nailed us and the look down! I know you had to have done a decent amount of research on the elements we provided you, which just really shows how much you love your job and your craft, as well as your customers!

I really am in awe of how from across the world you can nail down the personality and culture we were looking to portray. There is no doubt this is my favorite piece of art in our home. I want to just keep raving about how awesome it was to work with you, and how happy we are with the results!

Congratulations Erin & Dylan Murphy!
Thank you for choosing my ketubah for your celebration 
and to display in your home for a lifetime to come 
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Erin & Dylan were two of my favorite clients last year. From their energy and enthusiasm to their story they shared with me, the ideas flowed freely and resulted in a beautiful design that encapsulates their colorful outlook on life. Their love for each other and their family bounces right out of their wedding photos (takes by cousin Jennifer Goldberg). They gave me a lot to work with, and it really was great fun to fit it all in.

Living in a fantasy farmland, their house is nestled betwixt corn fields, the Illinois river, and a forest. they wanted a dynamic, colorful design (which I think we nailed!) that featured all that, as well as included their varied pets (3 cats, 2 dogs, a snake, chameleon, and monitor lizard), and the giant pumpkins they grow (they sent me a photo as evidence so I can attest they are freakishly. huge. HUGE).

Once we had the design set, we went through a good number of colorways - there were just so many options! These are a few, and you'll find the final result within them. My photos below sadly don't do the ketubah justice, but I hope you'll forgive me. Erin & Dylan really loved the ketubah, and following their wedding they kindly sent me a long letter of their appreciation, quoted in full at the comments section on my Feedback page.
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