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December 28, 2016

I've done anniversary ketubot before, but none were like this one: it started in 2015, when Lily contacted me shortly before her October wedding to make her ketubah. She fell in love with the TWIN CHERRY TREES ketubah that I often customize one way or another for clients. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time before her wedding and we couldn't make it work - we parted ways disappointed.

Fast forward to 2016, when Lily's now-husband Gary contacted me to surprise his wife with the ketubah she fell in love with for their first anniversary! You want to swoon ladies? I sure did! Sooo romantic and sweet - and I was quite flattered to be asked.

So forward we went! With the custom text Gary wanted we settled on super-sizing the design to 18.5X24 inches. What's cool about it is that the text is their original ketubah with the scanned-in signatures! So Lily got her dream ketubah after all - and on an even grander scale than she imagined! Cue Love, Actually folks - it. is. real.
The turnaround for this order felt pretty quick for me, more so because I couldn't wait for their anniversary and to hear how it turned out. Imagine me jumping up and down with excess energy like a toddler; that's me when I was waiting for the courier to pick up the ketubah, for it to clear customs, for it to reach Seattle, when there was an attempted delivery, when I got notice the package was signed for... I was a nervous wreck!

Two days after their anniversary Lily kindly emailed me the news: It worked! She was surprised & delighted! But let her tell you in her own words:
____________________ F E E D B A C K ____________________
You recently worked with my husband to create a custom ketubah for us. 
I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful work! I had fallen in love with your artwork but didnt have the time to figure out how to put things together in time for the wedding. It was the best surprise for our anniversary - I cried when I opened it. 
 I loved the care that you've taken to create such a thoughtful, elegant brand and the craftmanship that went into making our ketubah. It made the sentiment behind a marriage contract just that much more special. 
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