Tree Ketubot (Part Three)

June 9, 2016

When I was a child I lived next to a reservation. It was mostly sand dunes, but there were small wooded thickets peppered throughout. The woods were so knitted together, they created a sort of small alcove that was dark and cool and quiet. It was such a contrast from the sun-scorched dunes right outside that it felt like stepping into another time and place. I'm sure my adult self would be horrified of the bugs and snakes that must have lived there, but my child-self, along with my sister, loved it! We pretended we lived in a foreign land, the only two kids around, having to sleep in the trees so the tigers won't get us and forage for food (we also had bags of candy, but we planned ahead). Those small wood groves were a boon to me, and where I think I first fell in love with trees.

It's nice to find couples who also have a kinship with trees. They bring back memories for them, or they represent a place, and event, or a person in their lives. Over the last 4 years I've drawn many trees that meant many things for different couples. You can see a few of them in my previous posts TREE KETUBOT (PART ONE) & TREE KETUBOT (PART TWO). Below are two other examples:

This couple wanted the oak tree under which they'll be getting married to commemorate the event. So if you're ever in Ojai Valley Inn, California - Yep, that's the tree! 

The light was especially horrible that day, or I was especially bad at taking photos that day - either way I sadly only have these three photos to show this really beautiful papercut. 13X19 inches big, I called it GREEN TREE because the groom's name is Green and it just makes me chuckle. In fact, I like this design so much I'm going to make a few small changes to it and list it in the shop. 
You're welcome! 

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