Custom Order: Flowers & Waves \ Four Seasons ketubah

November 23, 2015

This is a custom design I made for Randi & Barry back in July of last year. How time flies! The original idea was for a small design that will feature all four seasons, a little nod to the couple's home of New England. After the first draft the couple decided to go with a different concept, without their initials, and with an emphasis on flowers and water. I can only describe it as Flowers & Waves!

This commission is a great example for the evolution a custom order sometimes goes through. It also explains why the turnaround for a custom order is quoted between 3-6 weeks; we never know where the creative process will take us. Often times, my clients can have a hard time verbalizing the vision they have for their ketubah. It's my job to help them through the process, so both they and I understand what their vision is.

With all custom designs I start with questions to flesh out the ideas and thoughts of the clients before they even order. Sometimes though, as with the above ketubah, seeing a preview of the design can make the clients think of a new concept instead. It basically helps them themselves understand, as well as describe to me, what they want. A complete change of heart is not ideal, and can lead to added stress for the bride and groom, but that's why I am here. In the end, there's always a beautiful heirloom artwork to cherish!

For more photos of this ketubah & other incarnations of the design go HERE
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