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October 23, 2015

So here's a secret of mine: I AM A MAGPIE. Seriously! I didn't even know! Until last year I always thought I did not like gold. Did not like glitter. Chrome finishes? No way! I was a matte girl all the way. 

What am I talking about? Paper, of course! Metallic papers, even. They're my life's blood. I mean, makeup also, really, but that's a shameful addiction not for this blog. So back to metallic papers: I want to lick them. Really. I am angry at myself for all of the beautiful shine I missed on all these years, sniffing at pearlescent and metallic papers at art stores and steering clients away from them. And to have a gold be a feature of the design? Not here.

That's all, as said, until a few months ago. Something changed. I started seeking out pearlescent papers and painting my own metallic ones. I hoarded gold glitter papers that I have no use for but I just want. In the end I had to stand up and confess to a roomful of papers 'My name is Naomi, and I love metallic papers.' The matte papers were judging me, but I didn't care. 

My obsession with gold papers is only stoked by my clients, who opt for the metallic and shimmer options in my stock for a timeless, classic look. One such case was this order below:

Late last year Rachel and Daniel commissioned me to create an Art Deco ketubah inspired by their wedding suite of gold, black, and the Beaver Creek mountains in Colorado. The design was pretty concrete, but we cycled through several color options, as you can see above. We ended up with a classic design perfect for a winter wedding!

Want to see the final ketubah? Click below!  

This ketubah does make me think of a box of chocolates. Pierre Roche chocolates. And thick woolen socks, and cuddling under a blanket. Is it just me? Maybe because Winter is coming, but I do have pretty, pretty wool blankets and gloves and socks on my mind. And lots of cuddling, and watching classic Christmas movies on DVD like Die Hard (a total classic, am I right?). Who's with me!

For more photos of this ketubah & others see the 

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