Announcement | price change

March 10, 2015

I wrote about my assistant taking over managing my schedule on CHIC LA VIA, which has been a welcome experience. She's been tracking my hours and says that considering how long each ketubah takes to complete, I earn on average $6 an hour. So... not good?

As a result she's urging me to first change my production process to be kinder to me, and second to change my pricing structure so prices will reflect the time I invest, but the difference won't impact your wallets so much as my process.

Confused? So am I! There's a lot more that goes into pricing any product than the bottom line, apparently. Breaking my process into production tasks and what each costs is a bit more than my artistic head can handle.

In the end what this means is that there will be a price change come April. Orders submitted before April will not be affected.

IMAGE | detail shot of Pomegranate Garden heirloom papercut ketubah | Available for sale HERE

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