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December 9, 2014

Towards the end of my busy season, when I was starting to fantasize about a looong vacation, I decided to list more machine-cut ketubot in the shop. These ketubot are first cut by machine and further detailed by my hand. The machine is a plotter (knife) machine so the cuts won't oxidize (stain) with time. All the small cuts are still made by hand and I go over the papercut carefully to make sure it is of the same high quality of my hand-cut papercuts.

The machine-cutting process thankfully negates the need for advanced booking weeks in advance so these ketubot are perfect for couples who are looking for beautiful heirloom creations on a tight schedule. Now there's no reason to compromise!

There are currently 12 ketubot in this category, which is also enjoying a %25 off sale through December. The designs range from stylized flora to leafy frames, and can be found HERE.

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