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Sunday, October 12, 2014

bespoke | Tree ketubot (part 1)

I made quite a few custom papercuts with trees this year. Unfortunately I'm so flakey I forgot about them until I idly browsed my iphone photo album. This post features two such ketubot that are all about the tree. 

 H O M E   T R E E
bespoke ketubah
size 13X19 inches

Stephanie and Jon love animals, and so they wanted a big ol' Tree of Life with forest animals all around it and hiding in it, and well, it's not hard to get me to draw trees!

Kissing deer, frolicking monkeys and lounging fox, I wanted two of each. When I was drawing this ketubah I kept thinking of a classic of Israeli children's literature called Apartment for Rent, where each floor of a residential building is home to different animals who all have to get along. Except for the curious dog who's harassing the monkey, this bunch seems all to get along.


   O A K  T R E E S  C H U P P A H
bespoke ketubah
size 13X19 inches

Lisa & Jason wanted a simple design - Oak Trees as their Chuppah, and nothing else. This ketubah is all about the tree trunks framing their wedding vows. Good thing I had very patient models outside willing to stand motionless for hours while I tried to get the bark texture just right


For more photos of the HOME TREE & OAK TREE CHUPPAH ketubot & other custom ketubot, 

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