Shanah Tovah!

September 24, 2014

This space has been woefully neglected for 3 months, I've been so busy. Last minute orders of the wedding season had me beat. I also had my birthday, stocking issues, a property search (and the financial maelstrom that goes with it), and started work on re-tweaking my brand and online presence - all still ongoing ventures! 

It's times like these that I wish I was three people. Or knew how to multi-task. I hope to spend the off-wedding season uploading the folders of ketubot photos to my galleries (so many custom papercuts to show you!), posting my re-tweaked branding, and setting up a real website (a goal of mine for the last 2 years). I am keeping my fingers crossed I'll get it together!


And yes, I saw deer for the first time on my birthday!

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