So this is why I've been on break since last week

June 1, 2014

Followers of my instagram account would have seen this photo a few days ago of a huge change in my sister's life, and the reason why I declared a small break from May 20-June 7.

After 2 weeks of off-and-on contractions and a week's hospitalization, baby Ayelet was finally born on May 28th, 2014.


She does have my favorite name of the whole family! AYELET means Gazelle, and as you know deer are my spirit animal, my absolute favorites. It's kismet! 

Even cooler, my sister's name is Yael, which is also a beautiful horned animal, so that it just works: Yael & Ayelet

 | I'm not posting photos of the baby's face because I think the decision to do so is up to the parents. |

Right now I'm really uncomfortable next to this noisy, squirrelly tiny human, but thankfully I'm not her mother. I can't even bring myself to touch her. I can only assume I'll feel more comfortable over time, when she starts having a personality. I feel sort of ashamed, because people say I should feel a connection and at least think she's cute when I first see her, but instead whenever she cries I just get stressed. Clearly, I am not ready for parenthood myself. 

My brother, though, immediately petted Ayelet and held her, semi-comfortable when confronted with his less-than-a-day-old niece. Good for him!

My sister looks fully at ease with her though, very content and relaxed, and I'm very happy for her. It's so strange to think that this big baby just came out of that belly. How did she fit in there?! 

Anyways, Yael & Ayelet are supposed to be released today and then real life begins for the baby and Yael. So strange! 

Many thanks to my saint mother for staying with Yael at the hospital around the clock. You're the best!

Image source | Pregnancy Photoshoot by Helena Lalenia

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