change is in the air

April 12, 2014

March was super busy in the studio, full of custom orders and new papercut designs. Some are already listed in the shop but I failed to update the blog at all throughout the month so I look forward to sharing them with you here. The support and encouragement of all of you has been amazing and pushed me forward when I felt completely overtaxed, I'm so honored by your requests and proud of all the commissions I've done! My gratitude is unending, THANK YOU!

After being so immersed in my work last month I might as well been chained to my desk (I haven't seen sunlight, you guys!) this month I decided to consciously invest more time outside of the studio. Sit on the balcony for 10 minutes in the morning, leave the apartment for dinner, go back to regular training sessions at the gym... anything, really. The hope is that I'll get more energized and focused at work, and so far it's been working. I rearranged the studio (it feels so much bigger now!), surprised my parents with plane tickets to Europe for their 30th wedding anniversary, and actually took 2 days off to spend with my family without having to follow it with a 96 hours work day in order to catch up.

April and May are already packed, especially since I scheduled a small hiatus at the end of May. This will be my first break since I opened the studio. The hiatus will hopefully coincide with my sister's estimated delivery date. Yep, she's pregnant! First kid, it's going to be so weird to have another living entity added to my world.


The shop will be on hiatus from May 20-June 7. 
My first available reservation date for new orders is JUNE 8, but I'll be accepting some rush orders. 
You're welcome to contact me to inquire about ketubot at the email address listed to the right. You can always check my availability to the right as well, I keep it current.

H A V E  A  G R E A T  H O L I D A Y  G U Y S!

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