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January 31, 2014

11X17" big | print at your local print shop & cut away using a craft knife | level: intermediate

The wonderful and terrible thing about running my own business is that I am learning as I go. One thing I'm still improving on is my orders calendar. If you know me than you know I have absolutely no concept of time. I don't know whether an event happened last week or 3 months ago without help and I definitely don't know how long a task will take me. Being constantly up for more days straight is proof-enough of that. I like to think of it as one of my endearing quirks, I'm an artist! A free spirit! I don't need clocks and time frames and deadlines! ...My assistant despairs of me.

I have made attempts to try and keep track of how long it takes me to complete certain tasks so I can better allot my time, and so far it's been ... difficult. I sort of did it for a few days, and then lost that note, and was again left guessing. I'd like to say I care, but I don't. I don't remember what my assistant calculated really, but in the end she said I might as well have been working a minimum job for how much I earned for the hours I worked. But I love my job, so it's not bad at all, is it?

I think that whole venture was to try and better organize my orders calendar so that I don't work 14-18 hour days anymore and don't overbook myself, but again that sort of went over my head.

Once January rolled in and I started taking orders again I overcompensated and padded my calendar with so many orders that my off-season calendar became full up to April 1st with custom designs, completely pushing out requests for pre-designed ketubot. Not good. Custom designs are challenging and fun and exciting, but I don't want them to take over my business. 

So I took another long hard look at my orders calendar and decided to limit the number of custom designs I take on every month, and to restructure my work day. For now, I'm aiming for 2 custom design orders per month, which will leave me plenty of time each month for all other orders!

You'll now find my AVAILABILITY DATE to the right is split into two: one for my custom-design orders; the other for for pre-designed papercut orders listed in my shop. Also, I have a notice set up stating if I'm open for rush orders and when. Rush orders entail additional fees. You can read more about my policies in my FAQ.

1 slot open for APRIL 21



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