{New in the Shop!} ANTLERS wrapping paper

November 1, 2013

When I was a school girl, my mother used to spend the last week of every summer at the kitchen table with a stack of school books and wrapping paper rolls, It was quite a ritual; and with twin girls you can imagine the number of books and notebooks and binders that had to be individually wrapped and labeled for each girl! I remember wanting to be old enough to get to help her  - she always made such neat little folds and corners, it was like magic! The wrapping lasted all year and looked great (I especially remember a rainbow hologram pattern I picked out in elementary school). I think it was the start of my love affair with handmade packaging.

Of course, by the time I was old enough to help without messing it all up, I was too old to wrap all my school books and notebooks in pretty paper (though I secretly still wanted to). Consequently, I never learned to properly gift wrap anything. Really, my gifts always look like a mess!

But I never stopped looking at pretty wrapping paper, wishing I could have my own and put it to use. So I decided to make it! A companion product to the ANTLERS wood cards, the ANTLERS wrapping paper is now available in the shop!


The wrapping paper is sold in a set of two. Each sheet is giant, twice the size of usual wrapping papers sold in paper boutiques. The photos unfortunately don't do justice to the quality of the paper. The paper is thick with a beautiful texture, and would be great not only for a pile of holiday gifts, but for wrapping sturdy boxes for the mail (and what a lovely package it will be)!

Each sheet of paper was hand-printed in-house, so each sheet is unique and the handmade quality really shines through. The pattern is quite detailed and attractive. I dare say if you know someone who loves deer as much as me - it'll make a perfect gift wrap for them!

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  1. I'll have to give this to myself, because apart from you no-one loves deer as much as me!

    PS your belated, belated gifts are all packaged on my kitchen table... next stop- the post office!

    Love Louise xXx